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NBA Fan Uses Lawnmower to Make Gigantic Grass Mural of Kobe Bryant in Field

Allen Iverson (L) of the Philadelphia 76ers and Ko

Murals of the late and great Kobe Bryant have been popping up all around the world. But one created by a California couple can only be seen from the sky.Kelli Pearson and her husband, Pete Davis, created a 115-foot tall and 92-foot wide mural of Bryant in a grass field at a park in Pleasanton according to CNN.

Pearson first created a black and white image of Bryant using several pictures.

“The face was from two different photos, the neck was from a different photo and the body was from a different photo. It ends up creating an artwork piece,” Pearson said. “I tried to capture him, the likeness of him smiling and as an athlete.”

With the help of GPS and digital processing, the machine blows air to gently bend the grass away or toward you to make up the dark and light contrast, according to Davis.

“This tragedy came as a huge surprise. He was an amazing person, amazing family man and an amazing athlete,” Pearson said. “Fortunately, we have this technology that allows us to do this huge tribute.”

The mural will last for about two days before the grass returns to its normal position. Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and the seven others were killed Sunday January 26th in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.

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