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There's a Good Chance NFL Preseason Will Be Canceled Due to COVID-19

The NFL landscape, as we know it, is changing day by day. The more we learn about COVID-19 and its spread, the more precautionary measures the league will have to take to protect its players. MLB, NBA, and NFL are all set for a collision course as they all, in their own way, attempt a proper return. The good news for football is that they mostly get to take a back seat and learn from other sports on how to execute a smooth run at the season right on time, provided nothing falls apart on the way there. Right now, the NFL did decide to cancel the NFL Hall of Fame game and most recently decided to reduce the preseason to two games, according to ESPN.

Here's the updated schedule:

Jason Smith, in the audio below, thinks this situation will continue to develop as the NFL season draws closer. Smith explains how any preseason game being played is far too optimistic and makes the case that the NFL will completely drop the preseason:

"I can almost guarantee you there will be no preseason games this year. Unless we see such a decrease in COVID-19 cases in the next few weeks and as you see, they're going up. I don't know that we're going to get a handle on it then. It's going to be, 'Let's keep everybody in as much as a bubble as we can, practicing with just their own team.' And then we go out, and hopefully by the time we start the season (which I'm telling you is gonna be around the middle of October) then everything is okay and we can get out and play."

Hear Jason Smith's concerns below:

There's a Good Chance There Will Be No NFL Preseason Due to COVID-19