Tony Clark: "These Last Couple Of Months Were A Wake Up Call"

Tony Clark: "These Last Couple Of Months Were A Wake Up Call"

After having MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on yesterday, Dan Patrick was joined today by executive director of the MLB Player's Association Tony Clark to talk about the negotiations with the commissioner that led to the 60 game season, whether or not that 60 game season will actually be played, how and if the Black Lives Matter movement will be recognized in MLB, and what the next CBA negotiations may look like.

Dan Patrick:"You know these players, they took this personally, and that next collective bargaining's gonna be ugly."

Tony Clark:"There are a lot of predictions, and a lot of open ended questions at this point, we'll have to see how things progress. I think as much as anything, when the game is attacked, when players are attacked, when their union is attacked, sure there are personal interests that become a part of that conversation. We're still a little ways away, guys eyes were opened, I think it was a bit of a wake up call these last couple of months with the challenges that we needed to work through, but we'll see how those negotiations go here moving forward."

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