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Will Zion Williamson Be the NBA’s Most Valuable Player the Next Five Years?

Listen to Colin Cowherd pick between Zion Williamson or some of the league's greatest players, as Colin decides which player he would rather have for the next five years if he was an NBA GM trying to build a franchise.

Check out the video above as Colin makes some bold proclamations concerning first ballot Hall of Famers the likes of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and James Harden.

Zion Williamson or Luka Doncic?

“ZION. Luka is going to score more points. He’s going to always be scoring 29 points a night, and is going to be a profound international scorer like Dirk Nowitzki . Zion is a better athlete, he’s stronger, he’s more forceful, and in the end he’s going to have the ability that will have lots of guys wanting to play with Zion. I think Luka is going to just be a 29 points per-game guy and finish as a top 10 scorer of all time.”

Zion Williamson or Kevin Durant?

“This is a tough one, but I’ll go ZION. I don’t think Kevin Durant is going to be happy long-term in Brooklyn, he’s coming off one of the most brutal injuries that is hard to come back from, and it’s not Durant’s first injury. Everyone looked at Zion and went ‘oh, the injuries!’… Zion just lost 25 pounds; I don’t worry about Zion’s body but I worry about Kevin’s.”

Zion Williamson or James Harden?

"ZION. I don’t think players want to play with James Harden, and I don’t think he’s committed to the defensive end. James is a great scorer, but if I’m building a roster what agent is going to be funneling players to me? You’re not going to get a bunch of shots with James Harden. He’s ball-centric and controls the ball, and controls the franchise by the way.”

Zion Williamson or Kawhi Leonard?

"ZION. Kawhi is too quirky for me. He's non-verbal, he doesn't talk, and there's the 'take every other game off.' He also doesn't pass, so even though he's a very good player, do guys love playing with him? I don't like driving to the arena and not knowing what I get. Does he want to play tonight? I'm not doubting 'get a bucket, get a stop', Kawhi is better, but five years and I'm a GM building a franchise? I would go Zion."

Zion Williamson or Anthony Davis?

"ZION. I've seen Anthony Davis play for the Pelicans. Which one changed the franchise? ZION, he's done more. Anthony Davis is a great talent, but he's got injury concerns. Zion has a toughness that I like. Anthony Davis is talented but Zion is talented AND tough."

FULL video above.

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