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Colin Cowherd Says Patrick Mahomes Will Only Win One More Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Colin Cowherd: “Fox Bet doesn’t care about anything other than making money and that’s what gambling companies do. They have the over/under on Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowls going forward at 1.5, and that’s the right number. If you made me bet my 401k on either I’d probably take the UNDER. I think Patrick Mahomes wins one more Super Bowl, and that is in no way a criticism of Patrick Mahomes… Going from one Super Bowl to TWO Super Bowls is massive. Aaron Rodgers got to a Super Bowl at 27 and has never been back. I don’t think he’s getting there any time soon either. Super Bowls are wildly random. Dan Marino is the best thrower of the football maybe I’ve ever seen and he has no Super Bowl wins. Eli Manning has two and he’s the second best Manning quarterback and maybe the third; Archie was underrated. Brad Johnson has got one. Brady and Montana were drafted in the later rounds and Bradshaw got four, but he played with the best defense I’ve ever seen for a decade. It’s ‘Who You Play With’, and now with free agency and trades it’s a much more mobile league. What if Lamar Jackson gets better? What if Trevor Lawrence ends up with Bill Belichick? He might win 7 MVPs but if Fox Bet says over/under 1.5, I’d probably bet the UNDER.. Andy Reid could have a health scare and say ‘I’m Done’ and then they hire the wrong coach. Who knows?? (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why agrees with FoxBet issuing a somewhat hypothetical OVER/UNDER betting line of Patrick Mahomes only winning 1.5 more Super Bowls over the course of his career despite unanimously being heralded as the league’s best player.

Check out the video below as Colin details why winning Super Bowls is often a mixture of anomalies and good fortunes, and why it has never been a guarantee in the history of football that the most talented quarterback of the era automatically ended up with the most Super Bowls.

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