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Statements on Back of NBA Jerseys Ring Hollow Due to China Relationship

Statements on Back of NBA Jerseys Ring Hollow Due to China Relationship

The NBA is allowing their players to use pre-approved statements of social justice on the back of their jerseys, but Clay Travis finds this move to be incredibly hollow.

There is and has been a very serious situation in Hong Kong for over a year now, where demonstrators in the city are fighting and protesting for their right for democracy and basic human rights against the Chinese Government. The business relationship the NBA has with China is well documented, as the league gets a large portion of their profits from that country. We already saw the Daryl Morey situation take place in October of 2019, and recently, Chinese authorities pulled books about democracy off of Hong Kong library shelves, on top of all the other atrocities they have committed against Hong Kong protesters who are in favor of democracy.

There are countless human rights violations happening right now in China, but what do we hear from the NBA on that issue? Crickets. For this reason, Clay argues that the statements of social justice that are being allowed by the NBA for their players to wear seems totally hollow. If a player wanted his jersey to say "Free Hong Kong" on the back, Adam Silver and the NBA would not allow it.

Clay brings in the Outkick crew to get their opinion on the NBA and this situation as a whole, and it seems that the entire staff would prefer actions over lettering.

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