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Colin Cowherd: Trevor Lawrence Deserves a Patrick Mahomes Deal RIGHT NOW

Joy Taylor: “Would you give a 12-year contract to Trevor Lawrence?”

Colin Cowherd: “Yes. Andrew Luck, John Elway, Trevor Lawrence – doesn’t mean they’re the best quarterbacks, but they’re the three most ‘guaranteed good’ quarterbacks out of college. We were right about Andrew Luck, he won 11 games with a terrible team. Lawrence is 25-1.”

Joy: “As an NFL prospect, you’ve never seen him play, and you would give him a 12-year contract??”

Colin: “Yup, right now. Elway and Luck were the best college quarterbacks, not in terms of production, but in ‘that’s a guaranteed star in the NFL.’ He’s guaranteed star, he’s 6’6”, he’s mobile, and very good in big games outside of one against LSU when he just played against better players.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Trevor Lawrence would warrant a Patrick Mahomes-esque 12-year contract in the NFL right now despite Lawrence still being just a 20-year-old coming off his sophomore season at Clemson, and never having taken a single snap in the NFL.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he has Lawrence pegged in the Andrew Luck and John Elway category of ‘guaranteed stars’ coming out of college, and why he would absolutely give Lawrence a 12-year deal if he was NFL eligible this very moment.