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Why Lamar Jackson Doesn't Deserve a 12-Year Contract Like Patrick Mahomes

Ben Maller: “This is an apples to oranges type conversation… Don’t put the cart ahead of the horse with Lamar Jackson. Both are MVP’s, that’s true, but when you look at the resume of Patrick Mahomes, there is something that stands out compared to Lamar Jackson. It’s something that you cannot overlook, especially when it’s time to write that big oversized check. Mahomes had the MVP season and then backed that up by delivering the knockout punch in the postseason. This last playoff run he had 10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, and averaged over 300 yards per game, and he didn’t even play particularly that great for a large chunk of the Super Bowl. But in the end, thanks to the incompetence of Richard Sherman, he was able to take advantage of that and make the big play… In 5 playoff appearances, Mahomes has passed the acid test, the eyeball test, and the smell test. He’s not counterfeit, this is the real deal. To take a term from maritime robbers, also knowns as pirates, Lamar Jackson in the playoffs has been sailing under false flag colors in the postseason. Not only was ‘Action Jackson’ a playoff quarterback, but he was TERRIBLE. He is 0-2 in two playoff games with the Ravens and in those two games with Lamar Jackson you could interchange him with a bag of trash for the first three quarters of both of those games, before he put up empty numbers in the fourth quarter to fatten up his stats and enhance his yardage totals so the people who didn’t watch the game didn’t think he played that bad. He’s completed barely 50% of his passes in the postseason and his touchdown/interception ratio is 3-3.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why it would be foolish and unprecedented for the Baltimore Ravens to begin positioning themselves to sign Lamar Jackson to a Patrick Mahomes-esque `12-year super deal, when Jackson, unlike Mahomes, has been absolutely dreadful in the postseason during two ugly playoff exits the past 2 seasons.

Check out the video above as Maller details why comparing Jackson to Mahomes is an ‘apples to orange’ type exercise in futility.