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Will Blackmon: It Was Impossible to do Anything Political on the Redskins

Former NFL player and current NFL 'Wine Guy' Will Blackmon joined Chris Broussard & Rob Parker (in for Dan Patrick) to talk about a multitude of topics surrounding the NFL. (Audio Below)

Will Blackmon: It Was Impossible to do Anything Political on the Redskins

Right now, the Washinton Redskins are currently under fire for their team name that's been deemed offensive by Native Americans for several years. It's only now that the Redskins have taken serious consideration in the decision to change the name after holding firm for so long. Will Blackmon once played for Washington during his NFL career and talked about how any form of political protest by players was impossible to do:

Chris Broussard: "Your last two years, you played in Washington. That team looks like they're going to change their name, under duress and pressure. Rob and I have long stated that we felt like the black players on the team should step up and say, 'We're not playing a game for this team until the name changes.' Did you guys ever have discussions like that or even think about that as individuals?"

Will Blackmon: "It was impossible to do anything political over there. You literally just weren't allowed. The relationships Redskins executives had with the White House were close. Even when we had certain players who decided to take a knee or hold a fist up during the Colin Kaepernick thing, we had meetings on whether to do it or to not do it. We all tried to have a conversation and educate one another about it, but what I got out of the meeting was, 'Ya'll better stop kneelin.'"

Listen more to their conversation in the audio above.