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A Tidal Wave of Sports Is Headed Our Way

A Tidal Wave of Sports Is Headed Our Way

Clay Travis is spreading some positivity this morning. It may have crept up on you, after the long delay and all the negotiations, but Major League Baseball will be back in our lives next week. On top of MLB returning, the NBA is going to be back very soon, so is the NHL, and even Clay’s favorite, the WNBA.

The PGA Tour has already been back, and we will have the year's first major championship, the PGA Championship, in early August. The MLS is already back to action as well.

Clay loves that all of these sports will be back in America so soon, but he doesn't understand how or why college football might not be back. All of the negativity in the sports universe in America right now is solely focused on college football.

Why is that? Why has everyone already accepted the fact that all of these pro sports are going to be back, but when it comes to college football, people are losing their minds saying that college football can't possibly come back. Every sport in America will be back, except for potentially college football.

There will be 30,000 fans in attendance for a NASCAR race this week in Tennessee, but we can't have college football? The WNBA is set to return later this month, but we can’t have college football? Clay and the crew tell you why college football is being attacked.

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