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Colin Cowherd: Dak Prescott Made a Mistake Trying to Squeeze Jerry Jones

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott made a big mistake in asking for the world from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, as Colin says even superstars like LeBron James and Tom Brady don’t get EVERYTHING they want, let alone a ‘B’ to ‘B+’ quarterback like Prescott.

The 26-year-old Prescott reportedly turned down a long-term extension that would have paid Dak $33-$35 million per season, with over $100 guaranteed, but will instead play under a $31 million franchise tag in 2020, and potentially a $38 million franchise tag in 2021 if Dallas and Dak still cannot reach a resolution.

Prescott is 40-24 for his career as a Cowboy following directly in the footsteps of Tony Romo, but the team has never advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs in four seasons despite the roster being one of the most talented in the league, especially at positions like offensive line, wide receiver, and running back.

Even in a 2019 NFC East season that saw the Redskins and Giants rebuilding, and the Eagles suffering immense injuries, the Cowboys went just 8-8 and failed to win the worst division in football. Despite Prescott posting the best statistical campaign of his career, the Cowboys were arguably the biggest underachievers in the NFL.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Dak should have accepted the initial offer that the Cowboys were putting on the table.

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