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Washington Post Co-Author Liz Clarke: More Employees Are Coming Forward

Washington Post Co-Author Liz Clarke: More Employees Are Coming Forward

The Washington Post released a story on Thursday which detailed several allegations of sexual harassment against former employees of the Washington organization and a toxic culture that allowed such transgressions to go unpunished. Liz Clarke, who co-authored the story along with Will Hobson, joined the Dan Patrick Show to discuss her investigation. Clarke explains what has transpired in the hours since the story was made public and why she doesn't believe owner Dan Snyder will be forced to sell the team.

Dan Patrick: Is this an ongoing investigation?

Liz Clarke:"It's interesting...within 12 hours of the story being posted online, I've gotten a lot of emails from women who want to tell their stories. It spans thirteen years so you can't say it's this administration of Dan Snyder's ownership...but it's the prerogative of men in that building to sexually harass employees. I hope people reflect deeply on the story and see that there are cultural issues...and there is a connection to why this team hasn't won a playoff game in fifteen years."

Dan Patrick: "Could you see a situation where Daniel Snyder is asked to sell the team?"

Liz Clarke: "No. Dan's identity...his wealth is in this team. It's really hard for me to see him voluntarily saying it's not worth the hassle. The NFL doesn't get in their business. It would be a stretch for them to force him to sell. I think we will see them expressing a general weariness that this franchise has caused another black mark for the league. They are squandering a wonderful used to be a big deal to be in the owners box and it's not right now."