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Clay Travis: Myles Garrett's Contract Proves NFL Only Cares About Talent

Clay Travis: “From knocking a guy in the head, being suspended, not finishing the season, and all of the controversy that surrounded that, to getting the highest paid contract in the history of defensive players? There’s this crew saying the NFL is ‘so racist’ and ‘ biased against Colin Kaepernick’ – STOP. The NFL ONLY cares about your talent. Myles Garrett hits a dude in the head with a helmet, could have severely injured him, gets suspended for the remainder of the season, and gets a 5-year, $120 million contract. It doesn’t matter by and large what you do, it matters how talented you are. As long as your talents exceed your problems, you’re going to be fine in all of sports.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Myles Garrett’s record-breaking 5-year, $120 million deal from the Browns, the largest annual contract in the league history for a defensive player, is more proof that the NFL literally only cares about how much talent a player has when it comes to putting their roster together, and says off the field issues are so far down the totem pole of concerns.

Check out the video above as Clay details why the NFL always has a market for players whose talents exceed their problems, and why Colin Kaepernick was never one of those players.

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