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NFL Will Use Every Resource Possible to Ensure They Have a Season

A major movement was made over the weekend by several NFL players who voiced their concerns with the upcoming NFL season. Many players felt like they were in the dark about how protocols will be executed as the season draws close.

Doug Gottlieb makes the point that there's far too much on the line for the NFL to miss their opportunity to start the season on time:

"It's a private business. It's a multi-billion dollar business. They're trying to protect their workforce, and they're going to throw every resource they can at it. And you better believe that if they can do it in baseball, and they can do it in hoop, they'll do it in football. Forget the palaver you're hearing about not knowing what's going on. All the NFL did was execute Colin Cowherd's policy, which is, "It's better to be right than to be first." They've had time on their side, and they've used that time."

(Hear the audio below)

NFL Has the Testing Resources to Be Successful