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Bettor Loses $150,000 After PGA Assesses Two-Stroke Penalty to Jon Rahm

The Memorial Tournament - Final Round

Jon Rahm was on the 18th hole at the Memorial Tournament on Sunday when officials decided to assess him with a two-stroke penalty because his ball had moved when he was setting up a shot on the 16th hole. While the penalty didn't cost Rahm the victory, it did cost an online bettor $150,000.

When Rahm got the par-3 16th hole, he overshot the green, with his golf ball landing in the rough. Rahm didn't let the lousy shot get to him and managed to birdie the hole with an impressive chip shot. His shot was reminiscent of a similar one that Tiger Woods made on the same hole back in 2012.

Unfortunately, as Rahm was preparing for his shot, the golf ball moved ever so slightly, forcing officials to assess the penalty. The penalty didn't cost Rahm the victory, and he won by five strokes. After his victory, he became the number one ranked golfer in the world.

"I did not see or feel anything," Rahm said after his win. "If it did, it is what it is. If we deem it's a penalty stroke, it's a penalty stroke. But it still doesn't take anything away from the shot honestly."

While that slight movement didn't affect Rahm, it ended up costing one person $150,000. A user on DraftKings, who goes by the name DraftMasterFlex, was leading a tournament on the daily fantasy site, which paid out $200,000 to the winner. After Rahm's birdie turned into a bogey, 'DraftMasterFlex' fell out of the top spot. Instead of taking home $200,000, he ended up winning $50,000.