Brian Kelly Thinks Peer Accountability Will Keep Teams Playing

Brian Kelly Thinks Peer Accountability Will Keep Teams Playing

Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his optimism about the start of the college football season, the testing protocols in college football, scheduling with the ACC, the possibility of playing Alabama and why peer accountability will keep teams playing.

Dan Patrick: “What will your message be to your athletes once school starts about campus activities, going off campus and socializing?”

Brian Kelly: “What’s your priority? If you want to play college football this fall you’ll have to do the things you have done over the last four weeks and the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve already said that you can do this but you’ve done it in a confined environment. But they have had to do the things necessary, they’ve stayed out of the bars, they’ve stayed away from parties, social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands all the things we already know.We’ve heard that day in and day out and they’ll have to continue that discipline and there is going to have to be peer accountability. Guys are going to have to say to other guys ‘you can’t do that, because I want to play this fall and if you do that and you get me sick I’m not going to be happy.’ So a big dose of peer accountability, a good dose of guys wanting to play the season is really going to be about what happens when the season starts.”

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