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Damian Lillard: "This Is More Than Comfortable"

Damian Lillard: "This Is More Than Comfortable"

On Wednesday's Dan Patrick Show, Portland Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard stopped by for a chat from the NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida to talk about the NBA's restart! Lillard talks about his thoughts on the bubble, the equipment he brought to record his music while within the bubble, who should be the NBA MVP between LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo, and much more!

Dan Patrick:"Your thoughts before you went in the bubble, to now that you're in the bubble, how different are those thoughts?"

Damian Lillard:"Before I came, my concern was more like, I'm gonna miss my family, what is it gonna be like...before I got here, other teams were here and we saw people complaining about the food, so I was just like, you know, what is it gonna be like? Is it gonna be a bad situation, are we able to really pull this off? Then, when I got here, I was like...this is more than comfortable. They provide meals, there's a schedule that we're on, everything is flowing smooth. I think the downtime reminds me of college, how we go to practice, we come back, and it's almost like we go to the dorms and kinda see people roaming around, getting food, stuff like that. It's pretty cool to me."

Dan Patrick:"Who's the MVP in your opinion?"

Damian Lillard:"I don't think you can go wrong with LeBron or Giannis, but in my opinion...I think it's LeBron. Just because he's the number one seed in the Western Conference, I feel like he's had a dominant season to be in year seventeen, leading the league in assists, the level that they had been playing at right before the season was suspended...I don't think it should be any argument with either guy getting the award, but I would say LeBron because of how he's been able to take that team from a non-playoff team, and now they just jump to number one...I think LeBron is definitely worth of being the MVP"