Ron Rivera: "Haskins Will Compete To Be Our Quarterback"

Ron Rivera: "Haskins Will Compete To Be Our Quarterback"

On Friday's edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Dan was joined by Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera to talk about the overhauling of the teams identity & logo, how long the process may take, his former quarterback Cam Newton and his free agency process, and the questions surrounding Dwayne Haskins.

Dan Patrick:"How involved are you in this?"

Ron Rivera:"I'm very involved. Mr. Snyder and I talked before the July 3rd announcement that we were gonna take a deep dive into our name and what it would take to change it. Then on the 13th we talked about coming out and announcing that we're going to retire the name and the logo, then yesterday on the 23rd basically telling everybody that because its gonna take us 12 to 18 months to get this right, we're gonna put a placeholder in place and call ourselves the Washington Football Team for at least a year. We put out what the uniforms are gonna look like, they're very clean. It's been fun because our players reacted very well. They like the clean look, they like the fact that we kept the burgundy & gold. I think the big part of that, more so than anything else, is there's so much history and tradition with the colors, so we wanted to make sure that stayed...and our Alabama players seem to like the fact that they're gonna have the numbers on the side of their helmets."

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