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Colin Cowherd: Cheating Astros Deserve to Be Hit By Pitches All Season

Colin Cowherd: “Dusty Baker, the Astros manager, is very upset. ‘What are you supposed to do,’ says Dusty Baker ‘if you call my batter a name?’ Dusty, what are you supposed to do when your team, the Astros, stole a World Series from me, and all baseball did was fire a GM and take away some Draft picks?? What are THEY supposed to do? This is a sport that polices itself, and that is the culture. What you’re supposed to do now is throw the ball at Astros. Baseball has the most punitive repercussions in the world. THIS is what they do in baseball. As Dusty said, ‘what are we supposed to do, they called us a name!’ What are the Dodgers supposed to do? Taking away Draft picks doesn’t give them the World Series ring. You say ‘well, he threw at his head!’ Name the litany of players whose careers have ended getting konked by a baseball? – Dicky Thon, 80’s, Astros, promising talent, hit in the head, played years later, but was about a .250 hitter. I’ll never be in a drug cartel, but if I was you don’t steal from the boss. The repercussions? They lop your head off. I’ll never be a mobster, but if I was in a New York crime family, I’d never sell heroin because the bosses don’t like it. Why? You end up in the Hudson. If you work in baseball and you are willing to cheat egregiously, these are the repercussions. They throw an orb, 98 miles per hour at you – ribs, butt, shoulders, head.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Houston Astros need to quietly accept the fact that they’re going to be thrown at by opposing pitchers all season, and perhaps for many years to come following the damning revelations the past 12 month into their infamous cheating scandal.

On Tuesday night in the sixth inning of the Dodgers vs. Astros game, Los Angeles pitcher Joe Kelly threw two pitches at Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman's heads. One of them a 96 mph fastball on a 3-0 pitch with zero runners on right over Bregman's shoulder.

Check out the video above as Colin details why throwing 98 miles per hour right at a hitter is still a much better outcome than having a World Series stolen from you vita egregious cheating.

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