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Doug Gottlieb: Joe Kelly's Harsh 8-Game Suspension Was a 'Bad Look' For MLB

Doug Gottlieb: “He didn’t hit anybody and he gets 8 games?? This is inherently the problem with MLB not doing anything to the players when they were banging on trash cans to help them win a World Series. You’re going to suspend a guy 1/7th of the season and he didn’t even hit anybody?? That’s the equivalent of a 22-game suspension in 162-game season… This is a bad look. I fully understand that they’re trying to say ‘hey, we just can’t have this all the time’, but 8 games is too much… I saw it and I liked it. It’s one of the cool things in baseball within reason. In COVID, a substantial punishment is 5 games.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks it was a ‘bad look’ to suspend Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly 8 games for his role in throwing at the heads of Astros hitters Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa during Tuesday’s rivalry game with the Dodgers which marked the first time they had matched up since the Astros sign-stealing scandal was exposed.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he thinks eight games – during a season with only 60 games – is way too harsh of a punishment for an action that didn’t even result in someone actually getting hit with the baseball.

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