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Joe Kelly is Officially a Los Angeles Dodger Legend

Joe Kelly is Officially a Los Angeles Dodger Legend

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss MLB’s first ever socially distanced bench-clearing brawl on Tuesday night, as the memorable 2017 World Series rivals squared off the first time since the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal reared its ugly head.

During the sixth inning, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly threw two balls directly above the heads of Houston hitters Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, including a 96 MPH 3-0 fastball that narrowly missed the top of Bregman’s helmet with zero runners on base.

The benches would empty after Kelly and Correa began barking at each other after Kelly struck out Correa to end the inning, with both players continuing the animated conversation in the dugout.

Check out the audio above as Smith and Harmon detail why the Astros better get used to beanballs like these all season, and why they think Kelly will quickly become a beloved WWE type heel in the face of one of the most despised teams in MLB history.

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