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Chris Broussard Rips MLB For Banning Joe Kelly But Not the Cheating Astros

Chris Broussard Rips MLB For Punishing Joe Kelly But Not the Cheating Astros
Chris Broussard: “Major League Baseball dropped the ball… How in the world does Joe Kelly have more of a suspension than the Houston Astros?? This guy got eight games for hitting NOBODY – he didn’t even hit Bregman or Correa – and yet the Astros get to go down in history as World Series champions when we know they cheated… THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THAT RING FROM THE ASTROS.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard blast Major League Baseball for suspending Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly eight games for his role in throwing at Astros hitters Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman’s heads – in a season of only 60 games – when it was in retaliation for one of the worst cheating scandals in sports history – and a cheating scandal that zero Astros players were punished for no less.

Check out the audio above as Broussard wonders how Kelly can actually get a suspension, yet the Astros players who literally stole a World Series get off scot free.

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