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COVID-19: Patriots Players Opting Out is an Indictment of Cam Newton

COVID-19: Patriots Players Opting Out is an Indictment of Cam Newton
Ben Maller: “What is the takeaway from 6 players, including key members of the 2020 Patriots tapping out because of the coronavirus? This is a humiliating situation for one person and it’s not Bill Belichick. You know who really looks bad in this? CAM NEWTON. This was his big opportunity on a glamour team, a dynasty, and filling the shoes of Tom Brady and he’s already been waylaid by his new teammates. It really is a referendum on Cam Newton, where you don’t think you’re going to be that good this year and you’d rather sit out the year and get a small stipend of money than play with Cam Newton… You examine all the different variables when you make a decision like this. Is the team going to be good? Do we have a guy replacing Brady? Is it going to be a fun and competitive season? If these guys believed in Cam Newton and thought he was going to play like the MVP version of Cam Newton and it was going to be a special season you’d think it would influence some of these guys to play.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the recent news of a half dozen Patriots opting out on the 2020 season because of coronavirus concerns, including star defensive players Dont'a Hightower and Patrick Chung, is an indictment on Cam Newton.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why he doesn’t believe all these players would have skipped out on a potential championship season if they actually thought Newton would still be bringing MVP caliber skill sets to the table.

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