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Rudy Gobert Discusses Going From NBA Star to Coronavirus Outcast

Dan Patrick: "What kind of feedback did you get (after the shutdown)? It felt like you were getting blamed for ruining sports?"
Rudy Gobert: "I definitely got that feeling on social media. I got a lot of negative messages. I tried to put my mind away from that because people are going to judge without knowing what happened. There was a lot of fear and anger...and someone has to be blamed."
Dan Patrick: "Why did you go on social media?"
Rudy Gobert: "I like to stay connected to what is going on in the world. Everyone has an opinion and on social media...people just have a perception of you. They only see 1% of what you are and judge you based on that. I care about the people that know 100% of me. I'm not trying to prove who I am to the rest of those people. The most important thing is to stay true to myself and keep doing the positive things that I've been doing for my community."

Listen to two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert join The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his unprecedented last five months that at one point saw him as public enemy number one in the sports world after becoming the first NBA player to test positive for COVID-19, which ultimately led to the season being called off indefinitely.

Just two days before Gobert had tested positive for the coronavirus on March 11th, 2020, he infamously concluded a press conference by jokingly touching every microphone and voice recorder on the podium with his hands. The coronavirus pandemic was still at its infancy stages in the United States, but Gobert was eviscerated in the media for his reckless ‘joke’. He would later donate $500,000 to help people affected by COVID-19.

Check out the interview above as Gobert discusses how it all went down.

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