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Colin Cowherd Blasts Pelicans For Being 'Helicopter Parents' With Zion

Colin Cowherd: “I’m frustrated and now this is getting out of hand. Zion Williamson was on a minutes restriction. He’s not a football player on concussion protocol and he’s not a baseball pitcher coming off Tommy John surgery. This is bulldozer parenting by the Pelicans. There’s a term called ‘helicopter parenting’ when parents hover over their kids to make sure they’re safe. The new term is ‘bulldozer parents’ when you just clear a path for your kids. Pelicans: YOU NEED TO WIN THESE GAMES. You’re not in the playoffs yet. You had the game and Zion wasn’t on the floor at the end. Put him on the floor for two minutes. He’s not dealing with concussion protocol and he’s not a Tommy John surgery case. Was his conditioning that bad?? Didn’t he have 13 points in 15 minutes? He wasn’t in that bad of shape. Brandon Ingram is the ‘All-Star’ for this team but Zion is the MVP. When he was on the floor this year they were +11; when he’s off they’re -4… Zion got hurt at Duke and he was out a month. He came back for the ACC Tournament and played 36 minutes, 35 minutes, and 40 minutes, and won MVP of the tourney. You stopped him at 15?? Is anyone in ‘great shape’ now? Just put him in for 90 seconds. You had that game and gave it away to Utah… I’m not asking you to play Zion 39 minutes, but 15? How do you get in shape? You play your way into shape…” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the New Orleans Pelicans need to stop babying rookie phenom Zion Williamson, and ditch this ‘helicopter parenting’ that saw New Orleans blow a late fourth quarter lead to the Utah Jazz after Zion’s minutes were cut to just 15 in a game that was essentially a must-win for the playoffs.

Check out the video above as Colin wonders why the Pelicans are treating Zion like a player coming off Tommy John surgery, or dealing with concussion protocol, and not like an NBA superstar who needs playing time to get back into playing shape just like every other player in the league.

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