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Joe Kelly Cares More About Major League Baseball than Rob Manfred Does

Ben Maller: “Joe Kelly’s punishment was one of the five most embarrassing moments I have ever witnessed in my life as a baseball fan. Is everyone at the league office asleep? Are they all dirty? We are calling for a Rob Manfred War Tribunal. Does he have some sort of under-the-table double secret handshake deal with the Astros? This is right out of a mob movie and it's like 1980’s New York. Manfred is like the underboss offering to help cover up the dirty activity… Cheating is fine and you will be given a pass for cheating if Rob Manfred is the commissioner, and if you dare punish any of the players that cheat you will be sent to Siberia… Say what you want about Joe Kelly, but he believes in law and order more than the commissioner of baseball. He’s more of an enforcer than the guy actually hired to be the person who’s supposed to uphold the standards and the principles of baseball. Manfred acted as the getaway driver, and aided and abetted criminal activity.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why Rob Manfred dropped the ball with his disciplinarian duties yet again, as Manfred has come under fire for suspending Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly 8 games for his role in possible retribution bean balls thrown at Houston Astros hitters earlier this week, who ironically weren’t even suspended for their part in one of the most egregious forms of cheating in sports history in 2017.

Check out the video above as Maller details why he thinks Kelly cares more about enforcing the sport of baseball than the actual commissioner.