The Real Reason Why UCONN Cancelled Football in 2020

The Real Reason Why UCONN Cancelled Football in 2020
Doug Gottlieb: “In the grand scheme of things this is a big story, but in the micro? For UCONN, they thought about completely bailing on football when they left for the Big East in basketball anyway, and when you’re an Independent and you can’t get the games what’s the point? So you pack it in, save the money for a year, hope the players stick around, look towards next year, and then you try to completely rebuild. UCONN football being a disaster is not anything new, and they’re saving money and saving face by just going ‘Well, COVID!’ which is what many failing businesses have done. Most of these businesses which are struggling, it’s not because of COVID, it’s COVID speeding it up and microwaving these things. There’s been thoughts about getting rid of UCONN football for the past five years, and these are not new thoughts.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he’s not buying UCONN head coach Randy Edsall and the football program’s excuse for bailing on the upcoming 2020 season because of health concerns towards COVID-19.

Earlier this week UCONN became the first Division-1 program to concede the 2020 college football season because of the coronavirus, however the school has no conference affiliation anyways, and every Power 5 conference is currently looking towards conference-only scheduling.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why he thinks UCONN football is simply a ‘failing business’ who is using COVID-19 as an excuse to get rid of a football program that they have wanted to axe for years.

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