Chris Broussard Says Luka Doncic is the Modern Day Version of Larry Bird

Chris Broussard: “This dude is the TRUTH, and this is not just based on what he did yesterday or what he has done in this series. I’ve been saying it since the beginning of the season, if not before. Luka is a new age version of Larry Bird. His attitude, he isn’t afraid of anyone. Let’s face it, a lot of times white players can be intimidated by the black players – the league is 75% black. Bird was not intimated and was never intimidated. I see that in Luka as well. He talks trash and he’s tough just like Larry Bird was. He’s not as good of a shooter as Bird, but as a 6’7” or 6’8” big man he is a very good shooter. He handles the rock as a big man like Bird could, although Bird couldn’t play point. He passes it tremendously like Bird did, and can rebound the basketball. He isn’t incredibly athletic and doesn’t beat you with his speed, but he’s got strength, and he knows how to use his body, use angles, uses fakes, slights, and moves to get his shot off whenever he wants, similar to Larry Bird. I’m not just throwing out Bird because he’s white, their games and attitudes have major similarities. He’s also the first white player since Larry Bird to be in the conversation for best player in the world.” (Full audio above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Luka Doncic is a ‘new age version of Larry Bird’, as the 21-year-old has taken the NBA by storm in just his second year, posting a 28.8 point/9.4 rebound/8.8 assist season, and practically single-handedly carrying the Mavericks to a 2-2 series split versus the heavily favored Clippers.

Check out the video above as Broussard details why he thinks Luka’s attitude and skill sets draw very close parallels to Bird’s, as the similarly sized Larry Legend was posting very comparable numbers in the prime of his career when he won three consecutive MVPs in 1984, 1985, and 1986.

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