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Madden Adding Kaepernick to Game With 81 Rating Is Pure Lunacy

Madden Adding Kaepernick to Game With 81 Rating Is Pure Lunacy

Clay Travis is reacting to a story out of the video game world. In this year's new version of Madden, Colin Kaepernick is in the game, and he has been given a rating of 81. This may not mean a lot to some, but an 81 rating is higher than half of the NFL's current starting quarterbacks, including Cam Newton, Jared Goff, and Kyler Murray, and it is equal to the rating given to Ben Roethlisberger.

Clay cannot believe that EA Sports is choosing to do this. Madden is a game where the ratings of players is of great importance. There are always updates throughout the season to make sure the ratings of players are accurate so that the game is as realistic as possible. Why is EA Sports and Madden choosing to do this? The last time Kaepernick was in a Madden game, his rating was in the mid 70s. Now, years later, with no time on the football field, he's above an 80 and rated higher than half the NFL's starting quarterbacks.

Clay takes some calls from the Outkick nation to get their opinion on this situation, and Clay reacts and gives his thoughts in response to callers, including his decision to not pay for this year's game for his boys, who love to play Madden.

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