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Budda Baker Discusses DK Metcalf's Notorious MNF Chase-Down Tackle of Him

Dan Patrick: “Budda, thanks for joining us, since this is your first time on the show you get to decide when I ask you about the DK Metcalf play.”

Budda Baker: “LOL, well thanks for having me, Dan, and second off, you can ask me right now!”

DP: “Could you hear DK running after you??”

Budda: “Yea, so that’s what happened first. I get the interception and I see Russ, and I’m like ‘cool, I beat Russ, I’m gone.’ I’m running and I look up at the Jumbotron... Ya know when you’re driving a car and looking at the rearview mirror and it’s like ‘objects in mirror may be closer than they appear’? It was one of those. I look up at the Jumbotron and he looked like he wasn’t that close to me, but then I felt his steps and turned around and he was right there, and it kind of startled me. Then I tried to maybe see if I could stiff-arm him real quick, but the way his angle was, it was bad from there, and he tackled me… It’s good and laughs now that we got the’ W’, but if we didn’t get that win that play would have definitely been on my mind.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his now notorious interception of Russell Wilson on Monday Night Football that resulted in a DK Metcalf’s 90-yard chase down tackle of Baker that prevented a Cardinals touchdown, and resulted in a turnover on downs the ensuing drive. The Cardinals would later win the game in overtime, and hand Seattle their first loss of the season.

Check out the interview above as Budda details the viral moment.