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Doug Gottlieb: Odell Beckham Jr. Was Toxic to Baker Mayfield in Cleveland

Doug Gottlieb: “Odell Beckham Jr. is so much about himself that he didn’t even understand, or didn’t even care how it affects his team. The need for the ball, the need for attention, the need for people to make him feel better, and feel more apart of things – that’s just NOT how it works. I cannot help but truly believe that the Browns are better off without Odell Beckham. This is the statement: ‘THE BROWNS ARE BETTER OFF WITH ODELL BECKHAM JR. INJURED.’ Here’s the second part of the statement which is important – I don’t want Odell Beckham Jr. to get hurt, I think he’s a STAR talent, and I hope he comes back healthy… It’s one thing to be a guy who is a complainer, who’s ‘look at me’, and who is a front-runner, but it’s another thing to also be the highest paid guy at the position when he signed. I understand some of this is the position. To be able to make those catches and make those plays, you’ve gotta be a little bit of an a-hole. But when you have a quarterback who you have a great relationship with, when you have a reputation as a superstar, and you are outspoken in your need for the football to make yourself feel good, what naturally happens is when push comes to shove, Baker Mayfield is going to force the ball to Odell Beckham Jr… I think they’re going to be a more balanced football team that may lack a little bit of the superstar talent, the breakaway speed, and the remarkable catch radius, and I don’t wish that he has an injury, but it was toxic with Baker Mayfield and toxic with the Browns. He didn’t like Cleveland, he didn’t like the offense, he didn’t like his role, and he had a little too much influence on Baker staring him down.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks that Baker Mayfield and the Browns will be better off in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr. tearing his ACL and expected to miss the rest of the 2020 season, as Doug believes Beckham had a toxic influence on Mayfield’s progression.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb explains why he thinks Mayfield’s mounting interceptions the last two seasons had a lot to do with the need to make Beckham happy, and in-turn, FORCE the ball in his direction.

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