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The Cowboys Are Becoming a Joke Like the Al Davis Raiders Teams

Colin Cowherd: “This is not working, Dallas. Jerry has become feistier and feistier about Mike McCarthy. Jerry is this angry because he’s not just angry about the question, Jerry is angry that he might have just made a massive mistake. He’s gonna have to own up to it soon. I worry that the Cowboys are becoming Al Davis at the end. Al Davis and Jerry have a lot in common. Pioneers, aggressive, smart, successful, envied by the league, and they both know much more football than 95% of the owners. They don’t know it as much as they think, but they know the game. But now they’re a little older, want control, and they can’t handle a Bill Parcells or a Jon Gruden, and they never ever recover… The Cowboys have become the Raiders in Al Davis’ last 7-8 years where you just can’t take them serious. They are running their business different from everybody else. The Cowboys have become, to a fault, a family business. They’re too insular and will not take any outside opinions.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have slowly become the Al Davis Raiders teams of the late-2000’s, as a once proud NFL franchise who you just can’t take seriously anymore.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Jerry and Al are the same type of stubborn genius who is struggling later in life to give up any power and influence to their head coach, and thus end up hiring flawed leaders who they want to have full control over.

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