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Outkick's 5th Annual Halloween Candy Draft Quickly Goes off the Rails

Outkick's 5th Annual Halloween Candy Draft

Clay Travis loves Halloween, and it's time for the Outkick the Coverage annual Halloween candy draft. The draft goes a day early because Dub is missing another show tomorrow for another bachelor party. Clay starts things off like he normally does, drafting Peanut M&M's. Always a solid selection. Up next, Danny G. grabs a strong #2, taking Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, followed by Dub and Snickers, Eddie Garcia with the Kit Kat, and Roberto turns a few heads as he picks Sour Skittles at #5.

Roberto's draft pick indeed started an avalanche of very questionable first round elections. The Outkick Nation picks the next ten on the studio-lines and had themselves an atrocious showing to say the least. Geoff Schwartz also joins the show and makes a terrible pick at #10, followed by a real head-scratcher by a listener at #11.

What selection at #15 by South Dakota leaves the crew shaking their heads and has Clay declaring this the worst draft he's ever seen?

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