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The 49ers Need to Stand up & Throw Punches at Santa Clara County

The 49ers Need to Stand up & Throw Punches at Santa Clara County

Clay Travis is reacting to a story out of the NFL that hasn't gotten as much attention as one might think. Santa Clara County, home to the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, as well as the Pac 12's Stanford University, have put a Covid rule in place banning contact sports within the county.

Due to this new regulation, the 49ers and Stanford University are being forced to move out of the county/state and play "home" games far away from home. The 49ers, for example, will now be playing 2 "home" games in Arizona.

Why is this happening? Why aren't the 49ers and Stanford fighting back? Those are two big questions that Clay is asking this morning. Clay believes that the 49ers need to stand up to this ruling and fight back against Santa Clara County. This decision could set a precedent that may spread throughout the state of California and affect more teams.

The 49ers need to throw punches back. They, unlike most citizens in their county and state of California, have the ability and resources to fight back in a court of law to stand up for their constitutional rights.

Clay explains how Santa Clara County is actually putting the teams at greater risk of Covid.

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