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As We Head Into Week 13, Clay Travis Serves up His NFL Top 5 Bottom 5

As We Head Into Week 13, Clay Travis Serves up His NFL Top 5 Bottom 5

Week 12 had a late conclusion, as the Ravens and Steelers finally played their game that was scheduled for Thanksgiving night on Wednesday afternoon, so we finally get to Clay Travis' top 5 and bottom 5 NFL teams.

In the top 5, the Steelers are still the NFL's only undefeated team, but Clay has dropped them to the number 2 spot and the Chiefs are now the best team in the NFL according to Clay. Just watching both teams play, it's hard to have a really strong argument in favor of the Steelers being the better team. If these two teams were to play this weekend, even if the game was in Pittsburgh, the Chiefs would be the favorite to win the game. That's hard to disagree with. The next 3 teams in the top 5 are all out of the NFC.

In the bottom 5, the "list of sadness," the Philadelphia Eagles are making their debut for Clay. The Eagles have been absolutely awful in recent weeks, and the regression of Carson Wentz, a guy who would have been the NFL MVP a few years back if not for a knee injury, has been hard to watch.

The Cowboys, Bengals, Jaguars and Jets round out the bottom 5, and all these teams have something in common that the Eagles do not: they have hope at the quarterback position. The Eagles are basically stuck with Carson Wentz and his huge contract. It will be an interesting story to follow with the Eagles to say the least.

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