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Clay Travis' Crew Gamble Their Bonuses on His High-End Fantasy League

Clay Travis' Crew Gamble Their Bonuses on His High End Fantasy League

It is fantasy football playoff season, and as much as nobody cares about another person's fantasy team, there are always exceptions. Clay Travis has a proposition for his Outkick staff, and it's solely based on the success of his fantasy football team.

Clay is in a high-end fantasy league, with big time money on the line. Clay's fantasy squad had made the playoffs, and Clay offers the Outkick crew the chance to have their holiday bonuses take a serious increase if his fantasy team has success in the playoffs. If Clay's team wins this league, the Outkick crew will split the $30,000 in winnings amongst them. Second place will earn $15,000, third place will win $10,000, and 4th place would be $5,000 for the split.

So, what's the situation? If Clay's team wins this weekend's first round playoff matchup, the crew is guaranteed an increased bonus of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, but if Clay's lineup loses, it will be nothing for the Outkick crew.

Suddenly, every member of the Outkick crew has become extremely invested in Clay's fantasy football team.

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