Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 17 (Jan. 3)

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 17 (Jan. 3)

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Picks For Week 17 (Jan. 3)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 17 (January 3rd)


Last Week's Blazin' 5 record: 1-3 (Colin made 4 picks via Twitter)

2020 Blazin' 5 record: 38-39-2

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Cowboys at Giants (SPREAD: DAL -1.5)

“I’ve gone back and fourth on this one, but I’m going to take New York +1.5. This could be a ‘go either way’ game, but here’s why I think the value is with the Giants. The Dallas defense has improved the last month but it’s still shaky. It’s last or next to last in points, third down percentage, and rushing yards. They’ve allowed 30+ points in eight games this year, and given up 120 points off turnovers, the most in the NFL. Here’s what I like – Jason Garrett, the former coach with the Cowboys, has really done a good job with Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones hasn’t had an interceptions in his last five starts. Nobody knows the Cowboys personnel like the Giants’ offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. They’re at home, they can still get in, and they’re both playing for the same thing. I think the value is on the Giants’ side, I’m going to take them to win, 24-23. Take the Giants and the points.”

Colin's pick: New York +1.5

Saints at Panthers (SPREAD: NO -6.5)

“I’m going to take Carolina +6.5, this is an easy one. It’s an in-division game and Carolina has got no quit. It’s a young coach and a young roster, and they want to fight to the end and cap this season off. The Saints’ defense has been a little creeky in the last three games, giving up 171 rushing yards per game. The Panthers are 4-1 in their last 5 games against the spread, they have 8 losses by just one possesion, and Teddy Bridewater played great in Week 7 against his former teammates. New Orleans is the better team, that is not the question. Six and a half is a lot of points in a rivalry game for a smart young coach, veteran quarterback, and a young team getting better. Panthers COVER, but the Saints WIN, 30-27.”

Colin's pick: Carolina +6.5

Titans at Texans (SPREAD: TEN -7.5)

“I don’t call for blowouts much, but I’m going to take the Titans -7.5 to blow out the Texans. I think the Texans have quit, and there are some numbers here that lead me to believe that -- their defense allowed 370 passing yards to BRANDON ALLEN last week, they’re on a 4-game losing streak, they’re 5-10 against the spread, and their defense doesn’t take the ball away. It means Ryan Tannehill is going to be comfortable. There are three teams averaging over 30 points this year – the Packers, Chiefs, and TITANS. People forget about that because they’ve been so inconsistent, and we don’t love Tannehill like we do Aaron and Mahomes. This is a powerful offense against a team who I think has just quit. I’m going to take the Titans winning in blowout fashion, 36-26.”

Colin's pick: Tennessee -7.5

Seahawks at 49ers (SPREAD: SEA -6.5)

“49ers +6.5 is the play here. George Kittle is back. Here’s what the game comes down to: if you look at the numbers this year San Francisco is still a top 5 defense in the stuff that matters like third down percentage, passing yards allowed, and total yards per game. Their third down defense is the best in the NFL, and Seattle’s offense is struggling to identify itself. Russell Wilson has 14 giveaways in the last 10 games, only Drew Lock has more. Seattle is the better team here, nobody disputes that, but you look at San Fracisco’s defense and they’re playing well. Robert Saleh the coordinator is still trying to impress people and get a head coaching job, so that defesne is playing like their hair is on fire against a Seattle offense that is struggling to find itself. I think it’s a really close football game, Seattle WINS but the Niners COVER, 24-23.”
Colin's pick: San Francisco +6.5

Washington Football Team at Eagles (SPREAD: WAS -2.5)

“I think this is an obvious one, Philadelphia +2.5. I think they win the game outright. First of all, Doug Pederson may be coaching for his job, and he’s 8-4 against the spread as a home underdog. They play well as a home dog. Washington is awful when Alex Smith doesn’t play, and he’s only doing individual drills this week. When Alex Smith plays Washington is 10-5. When he doesn’t they’re 6-26. We talk about the Washington defense but we forget that Philadelphia is one of only five teams in the NFL with over 45 sacks. Fletcher Cox is great, their secondary is a little banged up, but I don’t think Washington can take advantage of it. Jalen Hurts is averaging 440 yards of offense; Carson Wentz was averaging 120 yards less. They are simply more dynamic with Hurts and I think he gets better every week. I think Philadelphia win this game 27-20.”

Colin's pick: Philadelphia +2.5

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