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Tom Brady Letting Loose at Bucs' Boat Parade Was Epic

Tom Brady Letting Loose at Bucs' Boat Parade Was Epic

Clay Travis is reacting to the amazing videos from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl boat parade that took place on Wednesday. The parade was on the water in several different boats, and there were three moments from the celebration that stand out among the rest.

Tom Brady had himself one hell of a day, which was well deserved. An instant-classic video of Brady shows him tossing the Lombardi Trophy from his boat, across some water, and into the arms of some of his teammates in the boat behind him. The pass was completed, no harm no foul.

The best video of the day was of Tom Brady being escorted out of the parade, clearly overserved. Brady's strict diet is well documented, and it's likely that Brady doesn't drink at all during the NFL season. It's not surprising that the 43-year-old, TB12 health nut, father of 3 was able to get buzzed on less drinks than his younger teammates.

Clay says it was nice to see Tom Brady as a normal person, day drinking. Tampa's Super Bowl victory parade was memorable, for being on the water, and for Tom drinking more than just water.

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