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Outkick's Woke Bracket Is Also Down to Its Final Four

Outkick's Woke Bracket Is Also Down to Its Final Four

The Final Four is set in Indianapolis with Houston taking on Baylor in a Lone Star State showdown, and on the other side, we have traditional powerhouse UCLA taking on the favorite to cut down the nets in Gonzaga.

However, there is another Final Four that is taking place that has got the interest and intrigue of many fans across the nation, and that is the Final Four in the Outkick Woke Bracket Challenge. This bracket is the product of's Joe Kinsey. What started out as a 16-person bracket, filled with some of the biggest and brightest woke stars in the sports media community, is now down to its final four contenders.

The results of each round were decided by you, the people, via polls on social media. On one side of the bracket, we have got a showdown between Darren Rovell and Dan Wolken. Early poll results suggest that Rovell should find himself a spot in the championship round, but who will he go up against?

It will be either Jemele Hill, or Keith Olbermann. Now that is one heck of a matchup. Who will end up cutting down the nets at the end of the Woke Bracket Challenge? It's too close to call.

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