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Trent Dilfer: I Have Justin Fields Graded Out the Same as Trevor Lawrence

Trent Dilfer: I Have Justin Fields Graded Out the Same As Trevor Lawrence

The NFL Draft is just two days away. One of the best in the business at evaluating the quarterback position joins Clay Travis, and that man is Trent Dilfer. Dilfer has been heavily involved in the development and evaluation of quarterbacks for many years since his playing days have been over. 

Everybody knows how great of a prospect Trevor Lawrence is, and Dilfer agrees, saying Lawrence is the best prospect coming out of the college ranks since Andrew Luck. Although many others now have a certain Ohio State QB 4th in line, Dilfer has the same young man graded out just as high as Lawrence, which may surprise you.

Dilfer believes that Justin Fields is a generational type of talent that will be able to change a franchise. Trent has him graded out the exact same as Trevor Lawrence. When Clay asks him which direction the 49ers should go with the 3rd overall pick, it's an absolute no brainer in the eyes of Trent Dilfer. Justin Fields is the answer.

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