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Clay Travis: Social Media Makes People Like Star Athletes Less

Clay Travis: Social Media Makes People Like Star Athletes Less

Clay Travis is reacting to a story out of the NFL Draft, where there were some upset at new Jets quarterback Zach Wilson for showing his support for Donald Trump in old tweets. This story leads to a broader conversation about social media, as Clay believes that posting their thoughts on-line doesn't really benefit the star athlete.

Icons like Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods all are either not on social media, or they rarely use it. How could it help them? They all are already beloved by so many, and social media would probably only hurt them.

LeBron James is an example of this. If LeBron never used social media, and people only had an opinion of him due to what he does on the basketball court, his approval rating among fans would be through the roof. Clay says that LeBron has essentially chosen to alienate a large portion of the country with his social media activity.

Clay does believe there are athletes that do benefit from social media. Guys like Geoff Schwartz, who was an offensive lineman in the NFL, has used social media to grow his brand successfully. However, the point remains for the star athlete, social media does more harm than good.

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