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Clay Travis: Texans Should Trade Deshaun Watson For Aaron Rodgers

Clay Travis: “If I were the Houston Texans I would be on the phone right now with the Green Bay Packers saying ‘hey, we will trade you Deshaun Watson for Aaron Rodgers.’ I don’t know if Aaron Rodgers would agree to play with Houston, I think certainly he wants to win a championship and it doesn’t feel like the Houston Texans are very close to being able to contend for a championship, so I think Aaron Rodgers would shoot it down, but the reason why I would make that call is you don’t know what the Packers might be willing to say as it pertains to Deshaun Watson. It’s a major risk and I think a lot of owners would run in the opposite direction to even think about grabbing Deshaun Watson, but it’s a conversation that I think should happen, and there aren’t that many teams who are desperate enough to make a deal like that… I think based on drafting Davis Mills, the Texans would love to wash their hands of Deshaun Watson, and I think the price that Deshaun Watson would cost right now is so far down the flow chart… This is when you need a high-end team of legal advisers saying ‘OK, what is the worst-case scenario for Deshaun Watson?' The ‘worst-case’ is that he never plays another football game again. 'Best-case' he settles all 22 of these civil charges, never any criminal charges filed, and he gets suspended for 6-8 games as a result, and he’s able to play by the end of the 2021 season. Regardless, the Texans are willing to move on from him.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the Houston Texans should entertain the idea of trading embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson, as Clay thinks a team desperate enough to acquire a quarterback would take on the huge risk involved with trading for a player who could face a substantial suspension, let alone taking on the bad publicity attached to Watson's name.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks a Rodgers for Watson swap could make sense, given the depreciating price of Watson, who would normally be way out of anyone's price range.

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