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Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers is 'Prince Harry', Packers the 'Royal Family'

Colin Cowherd: “This is Prince Harry and the Royal Family. He’s like ‘I know I was born into the Royal Family but I don’t want to live in rainy England, I don’t want to deal with the Queen, and I’m not the heir to the throne anyway. I’m over stuffy, formality, wearing a tie seven days a week, and weird polo matches with old rich people. I know it’s the Royal Family but now I’m married to a beautiful woman and I am over stuffy, old, traditional, overly-formal, and paralyzed by the good ole days. Beverley Hills here I come!’ That’s Aaron Rodgers, he didn’t pick the Packers, they picked HIM. It was doomed to fail. He’s over conservative Green Bay, he’s over those brutal winters, he’s over the dysfunction of the Packers; they never land free agents. They never even made a bid on JJ Watt. Then they drafted a quarterback who was years from playing. He’s done with it, and now he’s got a beautiful actress girlfriend and Jeopardy… The Packers are a little like the NFL American Royal Family. Lombardi, the Super Bowls; they were kind of the first. They were the first dynasty in the NFL. But don’t you look at the Royal Family sometimes and go ‘That’s weirdddd’… Aaron is OVER Green Bay. He understands there was a lot of good in it, so does Favre, but why does every quarterback there end weird? Because Green Bay is a little ‘off.’ A little DIFFERENT. Literally, they have to go to their ‘board’ to make trades… The Packers are like Mike Pence’s hair and Aaron Rodgers is the fly, they just don’t know how to swat it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd analogize Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as Prince Harry and the Royal Family, as Colin describes why Aaron was always an awkward fit in Green Bay.

Check out the segment above as Colin proclaims this fading relationship OVER.

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