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Adam Schefter Makes Controversial Admission on How Aaron Rodgers News Broke

Dan Patrick: “It was just about a week ago where Adam Schefter came on Sportscenter and said that Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay. Walk me through that, did you get a phone call or text?”

Adam Schefter: “The funny part about that is I’ve heard people say ‘oh, Aaron Rodgers wanted that out before the Draft.’ I can assure you that Aaron Rodgers did NOT want that out before the Draft. I’ve heard people say that the Green Bay Packers planted that, and that it was a very pro-Packers story. I can assure you that the Green Bay Packers didn’t plant that. When people guess where stories come from, more often than not they’re usually wrong, and in this case, they’re wrong. This was an accumulation all during the offseason of just listening to people talk and observing. If we go back to the NFC Championship Game that the Green Bay Packers lost at home, did we not hear Aaron Rodgers after that game talk about his level of unhappiness and uncertainty for the future? Just go back and listen to that press conference and it sounds almost like he’s saying goodbye to Green Bay. So your antenna is up and I’m just telling you throughout the course of the offseason there was rarely a week that went by that I didn’t hear something about Aaron Rodgers. On Draft day there’s a report out there that morning from Paul Allen out in Minneapolis that the 49ers made a draft offer – which they didn’t make an offer, they never made an offer. And other people are saying that the 49ers called…and I said ‘how long until it gets out that Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay?’ Is it next week? Is it when he doesn’t show up to the OTA’s? Is it next month? It’s going to come out. Why does it matter if it comes out now, next week, or next month?”

DP: “So you chose to break the news on Draft day?”

Schefter: “That is absolutely accurate, correct.”

DP: “But it wasn't something that you got information about?”

Schefter: “No. There was nothing that morning that came in and someone saying to me ‘yeah, he wants out, you should report this.’ It was going on all off-season… I said ‘you know what? This isn’t going to wait much longer, let’s just go' and it happened to be Draft day.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter join The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday to admit that the ‘breaking news’ he reported that came out on Draft day about Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay was not actually anything ‘breaking’, and that he just reported what his belief of the situation was after many months of what he already thought was obvious.

Schefter says no one in the Packers organization, Rodgers himself, or any other of his sources reached out to him that day to get the news out, and said that there was no real intention or motive behind pushing the 'Rodgers wants out of Green Bay' report hours before the 2021 NFL Draft, adding that it was going to come out eventually anyway, and he decided not to wait any longer.

Check out the interview above as Schefter explains why he made the controversial move to go public with an accumulation of information that was strangely released as breaking news on Draft day, leading many fans, reporters, and NFL personnel alike, to believe that both the Packers and Rodgers were trying to stir up action on a trade offer.

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