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Bob Baffert: I Would Never Risk My Reputation For This

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Hall-of-Fame Horse Trainer Bob Baffert joins Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit, tested positive for the banned substance betamethasone, and Baffert says his horse has never been treated with that drug and chalked up Churchill Downs’ decision to ban him as a direct influence of “cancel-culture.” As Baffert’s team awaits 2nd test results, he still plans to race Medina Spirit at the Preakness Stakes. Dan asks Baffert if he feels he’s been sabotaged, and while Baffert isn’t sure if he has been and hopes the findings were a mistake, he reiterates he would never risk his reputation in light of the situation he faces.

Dan Patrick:“Do you think you’ve been sabotaged?”

Bob Baffert: “I don’t know if I’ve been sabotaged indirectly. I think it could have been somebody who handled this horse had touched it, because at those levels it’s very minute. It’s at a level that wouldn’t affect the horse.”

Dan: “Are you going to run the horse in the Preakness?”

Bob:“We’re planning on it. Churchill Downs came out with a really harsh statement. I was shocked by it. I think it was just a knee-jerk, cancel-culture kind of reaction. They violated my due process. When you get a positive, Dan, it’s supposed to be confidential, but it leaked out immediately and now I have to fight this in the public. It’s horrible. I would never risk my reputation. It doesn’t make sense.”