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Clay Travis: Home Court Advantage in Playoffs Will Turn into Seismic Issue

Clay Travis: Home Court Advantage in Playoffs Will Turn Into Seismic Issue

The NBA and NHL Playoffs are just around the corner, and there's one aspect of these playoffs that nobody is talking about yet. Clay Travis believes that Covid restrictions have caused an issue that will become a monster story. There is a very good chance, as things stand right now, that home court advantages in the playoffs could be even more of an advantage this year.

Why is that? Well, different parts of the country are allowing more fans than other parts of the country. A simple example Clay uses is a hypothetical Western Conference Finals featuring the Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers. In Utah, they are allowing a ton of fans, and likely more once the playoffs begin as more and more people have been vaccinated. In LA, not many fans are allowed to attend the games in person. If this scenario occurs, the Jazz would essentially be getting 4 home games in that series, in front of fans going wild, and they would basically get 3 neutral site games "on the road" in LA.

This would be a massive advantage for teams like the Utah Jazz. There could be major pushback from NBA/NHL fans and players that would be directly affected in a negative manner because of their competitive disadvantage with the home court scenarios. Clay believes that because of this, there's a strong chance we could see cities like LA move rapidly in the direction of capacity crowds.

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