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Adam Silver Will Curl up in the Fetal Position if LeBron Doesn't Advance

Adam Silver Will Curl up in the Fetal Position if Lebron Doesn't Advance

The NBA playoffs are nearly set, and all that is left is determining which teams will be the 7 and 8 seeds in each conference. The Lakers are one of those teams that is yet to fully cement themselves into the playoffs, and Clay Travis believes that this fact has Adam Silver in a very nervous state.

LeBron James basically is the NBA. If he is not in the Western Conference Finals at a minimum, the NBA is in serious trouble from a viewership perspective. Already the NBA has struggled to get eyes on their product over the past couple of seasons, but if LeBron and the Lakers are making a run at the title, that should be more than enough to keep casual fans tuned in nationwide.

If the Lakers somehow lose 2 games in a row and don't even make the actual playoffs, Clay says that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would start crying, curled up on the floor. Clay even believes the refs will make sure that the Lakers get an edge. No LeBron means no national interest in the sport, and that would be detrimental to the NBA this summer.

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