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Dan Patrick: Steph Curry is Not a System Player, HE IS The System

Dan Patrick makes a case for Steph Curry 'being the system' in Golden State and disputes people who believe that he was just a system player.

With LeBron James giving the MVP nod to Steph Curry, it's certainly hard to argue against the face of the league. Curry goes into the NBA's play-in games as the leader in scoring, averaging 32 points. Of course, how do you give MVP to a player whose team struggled to make it to the bottom of the Western Conference standings? That aside, Dan Patrick makes another case in hopes of dispelling the label that many have tried to thrust upon the 3-Time NBA champ.

Dan Patrick:

"I know I defend Steph Curry a lot, but the reason I do is because I think he's unfairly labeled. When he first came in. We didn't know if he had the durability. He had a tender ankle there. Mark Jackson was the coach, and then Steve Kerr comes in, and things change. They got Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and then they get Kevin Durant. And I just thought at the time 'Steph Curry needed Kevin Durant...NO, HE DIDN'T. And he did it BEFORE Kevin Durant. If you go back to 2015, 2016, Curry was incredible. People say, 'Oh, he's just a product of the SYSTEM.' Ok, so what is the SYSTEM NOW??? He's the SYSTEM!!"