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San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch: "We Zeroed in Early on Trey Lance"

Tuesday in The Herd with Colin Cowherd, San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch took us inside the process of drafting Trey Lance, how they kept it a secret for so long, and if he and Kyle Shanahan were both in agreement:

Lynch: "Kyle (Shanahan) and I kept it between us to give the process the due it deserved. Fairly early on, we zeroed in on Trey Lance, but told our owner week of. We told our draft room when the pick was on the board that we were taking him. The motivation was to let Trey hear it first from us and no one else....We were aligned pretty quick on this one. He has a lot of qualities that we like. We had a good idea, but we hadn't seen him in person yet, so we let it play out. It was funny to see people just make stuff up."