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Julio Jones Reportedly Has Two Teams at the 'Top of His Radar' For a Trade

Dan Patrick: “Where do you think he [Julio Jones] wants to go?”

Chris Simms: “The Titans and the Patriots are the two teams that are at the top of his radar for sure. They make sense to me. He can definitely be a big-time missing part as far as an explosive, big play type of guy for that New England Patriots offense. The Titans have that in AJ Brown, but we know they like the play two tight ends, smash-mouth football, only have two receivers on the field a lot of times, and they lost Corey Davis in free agency so that's one that jumps out to me."

Listen to Chris Simms join The Dan Patrick Show to reveal what two teams he’s heard disgruntled All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones currently has on his trade radar, as the future Hall of Fame is beginning to make it obvious that he’s finished as a Falcon.

Earlier this week on Pro Football Talk, Simms told Mike Florio “I was told by someone that the Titans and the Patriots are very much on his radar. So that’s someone I trust that has a little knowledge on the matter. So we’ll see where that goes.”

Check out the FULL interview below.